How to Recover Nokia Lumia 535 soft bricked In Pakistan

Hi, Here i am posting Nokia Lumia 535 RM-1090 unbrick info how i have done this if you have any bricked phone in hands  you can contact me via Email or Whatsapp +923004537079 I will try to help you or come to my Service lab with phone.

Phone condition before.
 1= Download firmware with product code.
2= Select downloaded file see picture below.
3= Flash (if you have drivers already installed)
Press volum down key and connect usb cable if you have already installed drivers then flashing will start if you have not drivers installed already the install drivers. Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver.msi 
phone screen after start flashing
Phone screen after flashing done.
Here is complete log of flashing with infinity best.

Connect phone on selected interface…

Core : v2.09 , WP8x FlashEngine : v8.8

FFU : RM1090_02063.00000.15114.43005_RETAIL_prod_signed_1029_02089E_000-PK.ffu
Checking FFU file, wait…
FFU Revision ID   : 2.0
FFU Model ID      : Nokia.MSM8212.P6214
FFU RootKeyHash   : 990935FEFD1FF4177F728E3629EDA3798CFDEB75
FFU Languages     : Portuguese(Brazil) , Russian , Belorusian , fr-ca , Indonesian , Korean , Polish , Ukrainian , Uzbekistan(Latin) , Catalan , Swedish , Bulgarian , Japanese , Spanish , English (UK) , Czech , Latvian , Slovak , Chinese , sr-latn-rs , af-za , Hindi (India) , gl-es , Turkish , Thai , Italian , Danish (Denmark) , ha-latn-ng , Slovenian , Malay (Malaysia) , Lithuanian , Persian (Iran) , Kazakh , Romanian , English , eu-es , Estonian , Filipino (Philippines) , Greek , Norwegian (Bokmal , Norway) , Finnish , Vietnamese , Arabic , Croatian , Portuguese(Portugal) , Chinese(Taiwan) , Macedonian , Hungarian , Spanish(Mexico) , Azerbaijan(Latin) , German , Albanian , Dutch (Netherlands) , French , Hwbre (Israel) ,
FFU ChipSectors   : 15155200
FFU Header        : 0x000E0000
FFU Payload       : 0x696A0000
FFU FastVerify    : Ok

Waiting for phone…
Dead mode is selected , no phone in normal mode found
1. Press and hold “Volume Down”
2. Insert USB cable
3. Hold button until phone will be detected

Device catched in BOOT mode!
Boot Mode confirmed!
Setting Preloder
Collect Info…
Setting Application
Setting Secure
Collect Info…
=== Nokia Flash App info :
Protocol Version        : 2.34
Protocol Implementation : 2.59
=== Phone Initial info :
Phone RMxxx ID : RM-1090
Phone Model ID : Nokia.MSM8212.P6214.1.1
Phone Model PC : 059W7L1
Phone IMEI     : 357819062227766
=== eMMC info :
eMMC Vendor : Samsung
eMMC CID : 0015
eMMC Size : 7456 MiB
=== Security Initial info :
Security Status   : 010100000101
Secure Boot : Enabled
Secure eFUSE : Enabled
JTAG : Disabled
RDC Key : Not Present (Retail)
UEFI SBoot : Enabled
SecHW Key : Exists
Device RootKey    : BC2353ACA62C327ECCD582A281CA4A5672F35001
=== Other info :
SD present        : False

Full Check skipped , will be checked by ImageSignature

Battery Level : 41%
Battery Level enough to flash

FFU : RM1090_02063.00000.15114.43005_RETAIL_prod_signed_1029_02089E_000-PK.ffu
Flashing FFU
Sending FFU Header CertData
Header sent , accepted 🙂
Perform Data Partition Erase
Erase done
Sending FFU Payload Data…
Finishing flashing

Flashing done!
Green Light 🙂

Image Sent, processing PostFlash
Make Factory Set : Ok
Restore RAMBkp : Ok
PostFlash Finished

Total flash time : 00:07:57


Connect phone on selected interface…

Good Luck!

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