LG G4 Bootloop Fix

In this video i have described all information about LG bootloop, I have fixed so many LG phones with bootloop problem. So i have made this video for people who facing bootloop problem in LG phones specially in LG G4. This video is about poor LG batteries quality. Lg and some other Smartphones have poor battery circuits in side battery and that is the reason of mostly phone restart after showing LG logo. I have seen 55% LG bootloop problem comes from battery.

How to conform that bootloop problem is due to battery?

If you noticed that LG phone restarting after showing LG logo and working good when charger is connected. mean when we connect charger to phone and then power on phone booting normally. and when we disconnect charger phone start restarting again.

Why bootloop comes in mostly LG Mobile phones?

Because of poor quality batteries and hardware. but in this video i have described about bootloop fix via battery. In LG Smartphone batteries manufacture used and 0 ohm resistor for protection and overload. in most cases this resister gone weak and increased it’s resistance. and when this resistor increase it’s resistance then battery can provide full current to phone phone. and phone start bootloop when battery not provide enough power to phone. that is the reason of bootloop due to low battery current.

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